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Wednesday, March 20 2013

Please order by KIT Number only.

All kits are shipped on a first come, first served basis.

Use the "Request Equipment" link to order.

order by Kit#
Quantities / Descriptions /
Small Glass Jars w/lids
75 small glass jars (~15ml) with screwtop lids
Mass Sets
3 mass sets (~27 pieces total, from 10-1000g)
2, 2kg Harvard Triple Beam Balances
1’ x 4’ flammable goods storage cabinet 
2’ x 4’ tall flammable goods storage cabinet 
10 Ammeters
No wires included
Mass Sets
5 mass sets, 10-1000g
Antique Super8 Film loops
16 physics videos, Use these w/ instant movie projector. Demonstrate history of video
6 Triple Beam Balances
Black, wheeled, 5 shelves and plastic coated wires
Square Glass Slides
20- 4” x 4” glass slides, great for larger wetmounts for dissection scopes
8 galvanometers
No wires included
Electronic Meters
Misc. electronic meters
10 Ammeters
No wires included
10 Voltmeters
No wires included
10 Voltmeters
No wires included
10 Ammeters
No wires included
10 Ammeters
No wires included
10 Voltmeters
No wires included
10 Ammeters
No wires included
10 Ammeters
No wires included
10 Voltmeters
No wires included
Resistance meters
20 various resistance meters
Resistance meters and capacitors
20 various meters
Large Nalgene Graduated Cylinders
4- 1000ml, 1-2000ml
Resistance meters and capacitors
20 various meters
Calculator Tape rolls
5 rolls, Use these long rolls for an evolution timeline activity
Wooden blocks + Cylinders
100 small wooden blocks and cylinders, can use for measurement, masses, or density activities
Nalgene Storage Bottles
2- 15L
Masses Set
Misc sets of masses 10-1000g
Peg Boards
15, 1 1/2 ” x 2”
Hang in room and use for pegs/storage, place at lab stations and carry materials in/out of lab area, place on smaller desks to create a larger work area for lab groups.
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American School & University 
John Engler had been criticized for demeaning remarks he had made about victims of the university's sexual assault scandal.
Brian Kemp proposes security grants of $30,000 for each of the state's public schools.
District officials say the district sustained as much as $300 million in damage when Hurricane Michael struck in October and has seen enrollment drop by nearly 5,000.
The victim, whose identity was not disclosed, died from injuries suffered in a crash with a salt truck on the East Lansing campus.
Federal statistics show that in 2016, 5.8 percent of persons 16 through 24 years old were high school dropouts.
Chou Hall, home to the Haas School of Business, has received a LEED Platinum rating and TRUE Zero Waste certification.
Beloit College is converting a decommissioned generating station into The Powerhouse, a 120,000-square-foot student union, recreation center and athletics facility.
City of Arlington agrees to contribute $1 million to construction of the Arlington district's aquatics facility, set to open in 2020.
More than 30,000 teachers and other staff in the nation's second-largest school system are seeking higher pay and more resources.
Declining enrollment at Lyman Elementary prompts the Regional District 13 board to close the campus.
City Council acts after many complaints about stranded students and misrouted buses.
Arlington school board makes good on earlier decision to remove the name of Confederate General Robert E. Lee from the school
School district lawyers were unable to persuade a judge to issue a restraining order blocking the planned walkout by 30,000 teachers.
The Grand Canyon Institute asserts that more than 50 of the state's 544 charter schools will close in the near future.
The $12.5 million BelovED Community Charter Middle School is expected to open later this year.
Selective Insurance Company of America contends in a lawsuit that it hasn't been repaid after taking over for a subcontractor that went bankrupt.
Private developer is constructing a 17-story mixed-used building that will have space for 522 students.
Some districts have gone to court to stop the state from forcing mergers under so-called Act 46 legislation.
Federal statistics show that about three-fourths of the students who completed the GED exam received passing grades.
The 214,000-square-foot Campus Student Center replaces an outdated 1970s student union on the Greenville, N.C., campus
The new Center in Paris building will double the university's space in the French city and enable the institution to expand its study-abroad offerings.
After 9-year-old student was crushed to death last year in an Alexandria, Va., school, lawmaker proposes additional safety requirements for the equipment.
$8.1 million Nixon Hall will open for classes on the Joplin, Mo., campus later this month.
Prince George's County school board member says the D.C.-area district is home to many federal employees affected by the shutdown.
Federal grant will enable district to install video system at 36 schools with greatest security needs.
Gov. Greg Abbott says the state's largest school system has failed its students.
22 low-income districts will be able to acquire 76 diesel or alternative fuel buses.
Tamaqua Area board has approved a policy to allow teachers to carry firearms at school, but a parents group says students will not be safe.
Career Education Corp., which enrolled more than 100,000 students at its peak, now has just two remaining chains—American InterContinental University and Colorado Technical University.
Officials say the building is the largest construction project ever at the university.