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The Green Apple
The Green Apple BlogThe Green Apple is your Science Connexion news resource. Learn about new equipment just received, sustainable living and energy efficiency ideas for schools.
Friday, December 14 2012

Please order by KIT Number only.

All kits are shipped on a first come, first served basis.

Use the "Request Equipment" link to order.

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Quantities / Descriptions /
3’ long wind tunnel, with 6” x 6” test section, great for aerodynamics experiments
Note: It powers up but no testing of actual functionality could be made.
Desiccation chambers
1 large and 1 small glass desiccation chambers
2, 2kg Harvard Triple Beam Balances
1’ x 4’ flammable goods storage cabinet 
2’ x 4’ tall flammable goods storage cabinet 
10 Ammeters
No wires included
Stormoscope Drum Barometer
Vintage barometer set to read 29-31” mercury, great to show students history of equipment
6 Triple Beam Balances
Black, wheeled, 5 shelves and plastic coated wires
8 galvanometers
No wires included
Electronic Meters
Misc. electronic meters
10 Ammeters
No wires included
10 Voltmeters
No wires included
10 Voltmeters
No wires included
10 Ammeters
No wires included
10 Ammeters
No wires included
10 Voltmeters
No wires included
10 Ammeters
No wires included
10 Ammeters
No wires included
10 Voltmeters
No wires included
Nalgene Storage Bottles
2- 2gallon
Nalgene Storage Bottles
2- 15L
Nalgene Storage Bottles
2- 15L
Micropipette tips
500- 1-5ml
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Tuesday, December 11 2012

The Urbana-Champaign Senate has unanimously approved a proposal to create a Center for a Sustainable Environment, an umbrella organization that will lead campus environmental groups, academic units and the Office of Sustainability. The university will cover $450,000 annually for the center, with additional funding coming from the Alvin H. Baum Family Fund...

Read the full story

The Connexion Green SceneFor more energy efficiency news visit the Connexion Green Scene

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Thursday, December 06 2012

School environments play an important role in the health and academic success of children. Children spend 90% of their time indoors and much of that time is spent in school. Unhealthy school environments can affect children’s health, attendance, concentration, and performance, as well as lead to expensive, time-consuming cleanup and remediation activities. To foster children’s health and academic achievement, healthy school environments should be addressed and integrated within the education system...

Learn more

PDF DownloadDownload the Sick Buildings, Sick Students Guide

The Connexion Green SceneFor more energy efficiency news visit the Connexion Green Scene

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American School & University 
The fast-growing system adds its 16th high school and its 59th elementary school—both in Ashburn, Va.
The $39 million Center for Nursing and Health Sciences is intended to become a "front door" to the college's Forest Park campus.
The Fruitport district says its high school, now under construction, has design elements to help students hide and make it more difficult for an intruder to carry out an attack
Steven Shek Keung Chan, 57, the former director of budget and finance and student services at the university, was found stabbed to death in a car in a university parking lot.
2 students from Clark Atlanta University and 2 from Spelman College were injured in the Tuesday night shooting outside the Robert Woodruff Library.
An assortment of photos depicting school and university facilities through the years.
The state agency has recommended that the elected school board in Houston be removed from office.
Teachers in the nation's 5th-largest district may walk off the job on Sept. 10 if a contract impasse is not resolved.
The suit contends that the discipline clerk at Berry Miller Junior High in Pearland, Texas, used a permanent marker to color in a seventh-grader's shaved head because his haircut violated the dress code.
The top-ranked community colleges in the United States in 2019, as determined by the Wallet Hub website
An August 2018 fire at Booker T. Washington Magnet High School in Montgomery, Ala. forced it to relocate to a former elementary school.
$29.5 million upgrades includes renovation of 1914 building and a newly constructed classroom wing.
The South Campus Recreation Center will provide nearly 100,000 square feet of workout space on the Oxford campus.
Frederick County Public Schools changes M&O culture with the help of Dude Solutions
Wheatley High School has failed to meet Texas academic standards for the 7th consecutive year.
Members of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Public Safety Commission express frustration that 29 charter schools in Broward County have not complied with school safety requirements.
77 Atlanta schools, including charter schools that use the district's food service, are providing free meals to all students.
Walnut Grove Elementary School in Bargersville, Ind., is the first school in the Center Grove district to incorporate solar power.
Coe College in Cedar Rapids says the green roof on Gage Memorial Union will help reduce rainwater runoff.
Maximize Your Campus Security Budgets with this Guide
Among the security enhancements is a $2 million Real Time Crime Center that enables law enforcement to tap into video feeds from more than 10,000 cameras on school campuses.
The $76.2 million Bee Cave Middle School will help the district address its steady enrollment growth.
November ballot question would provide funds for rebuilding 4 aging campuses, as well as many other facility upgrades.
Pinole Valley High in the West Contra County (Calif.) district will welcome students next week
The building, which will provide space for the university's architecture and design school, was originally planned in the 1950s.
For the 5th straight year, Almost, Maine was the full-length play staged most often by high schools, the Education Theatre Association says.
Join us for this exclusive webinar on Wednesday, September 18th, 2019 at 2pm EDT, sponsored by Dude Solutions.
A six-month investigation by the Texas Education Agency found several instances of alleged misconduct by some board members.
Gavin Grimm, now 20, sued the Gloucester County (Va.) district after it barred him from using the boys' restroom at Gloucester High.
William Strampel, former dean at the College of Osteopathic Medicine, also was convicted of willful neglect of duty in connection with the Larry Nassar scandal.