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Science Connexion is proud to be able to offer our logistics services to pick up, warehouse and deliver serviceable science equipment.
Our service territory encompasses the greater Chicagoland area:

North: as far as the Wisconsin border.
West: Rts. 23 &. 38  (DeKalb)
South: 355 & Rt. 80 (Joliet)

Donor Schools and Organizations:

If you have science equipment you would like to donate, please go to our Donate Equipment page and fill out and submit the donation form. We will arrange to pickup your material within the time frame you have specified.

Science Connexion will provide a receipt for material received from donating schools. This receipt will have no declared value nor will it necessarily comply with any specific district documentation regulations. Please be sure to abide by your district's regulations for donating material. Donated material will be redirected to underfunded K-12 schools in the Chicago area. Donor schools cannot designate a specific school to receive donations.

Recipient Schools:

If you are a public school within the Chicagoland area in need of science equipment, please go to our Request Equipment page and enter and submit your request (based on available donated equipment). Your equipment, if available will be sent to you within 7 days of receiving your request.

All equipment is believed to be in functional condition. Please note that since we are providing a free service, we do not accept returns for any science equipment we ship out.


Donated science equipment has been previously used in a classroom environment but assumed to still be in functional order. Science Connexion does not guarantee the equipment's performance in any way nor are we responsible for its use.


Science Connexion will not accept donations for nor deliver: chemicals, organic specimens or any material deemed to be hazardous or requiring special safety handling.