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Golden Apple Presentation

On Saturday February 26, 2011 Science Connexion made its debut presentation at a workshop event hosted by The Golden Apple Foundation at Chicago's Shedd Aquarium. At the event we had nearly 50 Chicago Public School science faculty members as well as attendees from The Golden Apple. Quite a turnout for a Saturday!

Prior to the event, Connexion delivered about 25 boxes of science equipment that were collected from various donor schools. We arrived early on Saturday to help prepare for the event as well as setting out the various pieces of science equipment (see pictures below); microscopes, textbooks, scales and other things too numerous (and complex) to mention.

Working closely with Penny Lundquist, Golden Apple's Program Director of Professional Development , we decided to create a raffle as a fun way to distribute these science supplies. Please see the pictures below.

"...but most of all, thank you for your generosity in supporting our teachers and their students. Your work is making a huge difference, and not just in having material supplies for the inquiry science programs our teachers are implementing in their classrooms and schools but in the areas of morale and encouragement to carry on in the face of incredible challenges. Someone cares! That means more than

- Penny Lundquist, Golden Apple Director of Professional Development and Inquiry Science Institute (regarding The Science Connexion program)