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About Science Connexion

Science Connexion is a not-for-profit subsidiary of Connexion located in Buffalo Grove, IL.

Connexion is a young company with a long history of being remarkable to our clients.

You might say that Connexion is a destination. A destination where creative ideas and practical solutions meet.  It's the place where business as usual is replaced by doing something unexpected. It's the intersection where the electrical distribution business meets with that new, unpaved road called innovation.

Founded in 2007, Connexion has become one of the preeminent electrical equipment and supply providers in the Midwest. Connexion provides a wide array of leading electrical and lighting products, design services, expert application support and customized, integrated solutions meeting the unique needs of our clients.

“I am very proud of our Science Connexion project. Caring about the environment and our communities is one of the core values of Connexion”  This important initiative is a way that we can give back while utilizing our existing resources.” 
-David Rosenstein, President, Connexion.

The inspiration for Science Connexion was born of the experiences of Brandon Tucker, a high school science teacher during his volunteer work in Ghana, Africa in 2007. During his month in Ghana, Brandon taught science to over a hundred students and for the first time found out what it was like to teach science without lab supplies. Upon his return home, Brandon initiated a movement with other science teachers in collecting science equipment for shipment back to Ghana. It was during this initiative that Brandon discovered the abundance of science resources that were available and under utilized. These outgoing but mostly serviceable assets could easily be repurposed and channeled to schools much closer to home than Africa, but also in dire need.

Students doing Science Experiments A Safety Kit we made Brandon, Grandma and Kweku
Brandon's Ghana students performing a science experiment A safety kit made by Brandon's students. Brandon with his Ghana family; Grandma and Kweku